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Deluxe China Tour

Deluxe China Tour

Deluxe China Tour

[Tour Highlights]
Visiting two famous cities on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: 
Lhasa and Tsedang
Experiencing Beijing-Tibet Railway which was constru- 
Five star luxurious Yangtze No.1 Cruise, built in 2006, 
-vities ashore.
Visiting World Culture Heritage: Lhasa Potala Palace

Enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way 
Itinerary A: Chengdu/Lhasa/Tsedang/Gyantse/Shigatse/Chengdu Dep.(Beijing-Tibet Railway Tour) 10N11D
Itinerary C: Chengdu/Lhasa/Tsedang/Gyantse/Shigatse/Chongqing/Yangtze River Cruise/Wuhan Dep. 11N12D
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Every THU. Dep.from U.S.A
-cted completely and was started to use in 2006. And 
there are swimming pool and sightseeing lift and other 
top-ranking facilities; On each day,there are visiting acti- 
[To get the travel permits-Included]
All kinds of people can get Tibet permit through a travel 
agency except diplomats,journalists, and senior 
goverment officials, who should travel to Tibet under the 
arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet 
To get the Tibet travel permit you need hold a valid 
passport with valid Chinese visa and should submit the 
following information by fax/email at least 15days prior 
to arrival in Tibet: Full name, Sex, Date of birth, psssport 
number, Nationality, Occupation . If you are coming to 
Lhasa from Kathmandu, you'd better get China visa from 
Kathmandu because no matter you've already got the 
visa in your country or not, you must get a visa in 
Kathmandu, which is regulated in an official memo 
between China and Nepal. 
[Altitude Sickness in Tibet ]
As most of the places in Tibet lie over 3500m,
most visitors are likely to experience some minor 
to symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness 
(headache, mild nausea, loss of appetite, trouble 
sleeping )until their body is adjusted to the 
elevation. This will generally disappear through 
acclimatization in several hours to several days. 
They should take it little easy first couple of
days and drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids, 
eat light, high-carbohydrate meals for more energy, 
this help the body to acclimatize faster.
-mer winter abode for the Dalai Lamas. It looks incredibly 
magnificent from a distance and could be viewed from vari-
-ous places around the town. As the nation's supreme relic, 
Yeshe, a disciple of Tsongkhapa. The “ Buddhism Scrip-
a sprawling complex with a gigantic Maitreya (Future 
[Yangtze River]
The City of Ghosts Fengdu: Home of the Chinese divine 
comedy. It is collected with Confucianist, Buddhist,Taoist 
folk arts. It is well-known as the capital of human ghosts. 
Shennong Stream: Which is a typical stream in Yangtze 
River, and is from main peak of Shennongjia, and passes 
Badong county Hubei province, flows into Yangtze River 
from Wu Gorge. 
Three Gorges Dam: The largest water-power engineer- 
-ring in the world. 
[Yangtze River- 5 star Yangtze No.1 Cruise]
Five star luxurious Yangtze No.1 Cruise, built in 2006, 
there are swimming pool and sightseeing lift and other 

top-ranking facilities; On each day,there are visiting 
activities ashore.
Tour Code
C T DItinerary B: Chengdu/Lhasa/Tsedang/Gyantse/Shigatse/Chengdu Dep. 8N9D
Shigatse/ 3 star Shigatse Hotel/similar(Local Best)
Gyantse/ 3 star Gyantse Hotel/similar(Local Best)
Day01: Friday Chengdu arrival,transfer to hotel. (X)
Day02: Saturday Chengdu /Lhasa (B.X.X)
Taking domestic flight to Lhasa, lunch on board
Arrival at the airport & transfer to Lhasa 
On the way, you’llget greeted by Nie Tang Budda -
a Budda image engraved in the mountain face.
Afternoon at leisure for acclimatization or visit local 
bazaar on your own.
Day03: Sunday Lhasa(B,L,X)
Potala Palace
Sera Monastery
Day04: Monday Lhasa(B,L,X)
Jokhang Temple

Day05: Tuesday Lhasa-Tsedang-Samye(B,L,X)
Visit Samye Monastery 
Yumbulakhang Palace 
Day06: Wednesday Tsedang-Gyantse (B,L,X)
Drive to Gyangtse, visit Yangdrok lake on the way
Perkhor Chode Monastery 
Day07: Thursday Gyantse-Shigatse(B,L,X)
Drive to Shigatse 
Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery 
Shigatse’s outdoor market
Day08: Friday Shigatse-Lhasa(B,L,X)

On the way stop at a small village,visit the Tibetan
handmade incense mill and workshop
[Hotel Accommodation]
Chengdu/ 4 star Enjoyable Stars Hotel/similar
Lhasa/ 4 star Lhasa Hotel/similar
Tsedang/ 4 star Tsedang Hotel/similar
Day09: Saturday Lhasa/Chengdou (B,X,X,)
Arranging Lunch and dinner yourself on the train
Day10: Sunday On the Train(X,X,X)
Arranging all meals your self today on the train
Day11: Monday Chengdou (B,X,X,) 
Picking up, after breakfast, trsf.to airport to departure
After breakfast, trsf.to Chengdu by Beijing-Tibet 
Enjoy scenery on the way
Arrival at Chengdu
Drive along Yarlung Zsangpo River back to Lhasa
Day09: Saturday Lhasa/Chengdu (B,X,X)
After breakfast, trsf.to Chengdu by flight
Then Transfer to departure by yourself

Day09: Saturday Lhasa/Chongqing (B,L,D)
After breakfast, trsf. to Chongqing by flight
Day10: Sunday On the Cruise(B,L,D)
Visiting The City of Ghosts Fengdu 
Day11: Monday On the Cruise(B,L,D)
Visiting Shennong Stream
Day12: Tuesday Yichang-Wuhan(B,L,D)
Visiting Gorges Dam,13:30 arrival at Yichang
Getting off the cruise, trsf.to Wuhan
● Transfer to departure 
Yangtze River 5 star Yangtze Cruise/similar
Only Buy Int'l Tickets Yourself
Easy Tour to China
华 Tibet Discovery +Yangtze River 
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Itinerary A: Chengdu/Lhasa/Tsedang/Gyantse/Shigatse/Chengdu Dep.(Beijing-Tibet Railway Tour) 10N11D
Itinerary C: Chengdu/Lhasa/Tsedang/Gyantse/Shigatse/Chongqing/Yangtze River Cruise/Wuhan Dep. 11N12D
Every FRI. Arr.at Chengdu
Min.2 pax USD1588/PP
Guaranteed Departure
Every THU. Dep.from U.S.A
[Itinerary A]-Chengdu Departure Beijing-Tibet Railway
[Itinerary B]-Chengdu Departure
[Itinerary C]-Wuhan Departure Yangtze River Cruise
Visiting Ciqikou Ancient Town, Dalitang Square, 
after dinner, go on board the Yangtze River Cruise

Tour Code
C T D 
[Shopping Overview]
Be sure to buy whatever practical items you need in 
need in Lhasa, before you leave for more remote towns. 
Barkhor is a more traditional Tibetan shopping market. 
It is a market where shopkeepers with small shops and 
stalls on the street sell many unusual and fascinating 
items, for both religious and secular uses.Shopkeepers 
sell items such as prayer flags,Buddha figures,conch- 
shell trumpets, rosaries, amulets,fur hats,horse bells,
should carefully examine jewelry for quality. While much 
jewelry of excellent quality is available, some is coarsely 
done and is of poor quality.
As in traditional markets throughout much of the world, 
you can bargain with the local people and buy nice things
at lower prices. 
bridles,copper,teapots, wooden bowls, inlaid knives, and 
jewelry inlaid with turquoise and other gems. Tourists 
Tourists can easily find items that are uniquely Tibetan 
and that will appeal to them.Brightly colored,beautifully 
beautifully homespun Tibetan rugs and khaddar are also 
popular souvenirs. Tibetan carpet can be bought at the 
Lhasa Carpet Factory.1,Including Chengdu/Lhasa,Lhasa/Chongqing 2 flight tickets and tax
2 flight tickets and tax
Child between 2-12 years old with bed: 100% of the adult.
Itinerary B: Chengdu/Lhasa/Tsedang/Gyantse/Shigatse/Chengdu Dep. 8N9D
2,5 star Yangtze River Cruise-{Yangtze No.1)
1,Including Chengdu/Lhasa flight tickets and tax
[Price Includes]
3, 4 or 5 star hotel, Twin share room, 
Chinese-American Open Buffet Breakfast
Includes Breakfast, about lunch and dinner, please check 
Entrance fee of above sight seeings, Coach, and Chinese 
and English Speaking Guide

For Iti.A, Chengdu to Lhasa flight tickets, and Lhasa to 
Chengdu soft sleeper train ticket; For Iti.B, Chegndu/ Lhasa,
[Price Excludes]
International Flight tickets fee, and Chinese Visa Fee
Guide and driver tips,USD7 pp per day, and includes 
bell boy tips in hotels
Min. 2 pax, Every Friday (Beijing time GMT+0800) 
Guaranteed Departure.The above price is calculated as 
c, The deadline of entering for the group: 

15 days before arrival at Beijing ( to guarantee the issue 
of domestic flight tickets);If within 15 days,Please pay the 
the exact price, please contact your local travel agency.

All-inclusive Price(China Land Fare+China Domestic Flight Tickets Fee and Tax)--Valid for 2009.5.1-11.30(The monetary unit is U.S.Dollar)

The visiting sequence may be different according to 
the Tour Guide's arrangement.
The above price caters to Overseas Chinese and 
foreigners, and the price for mainland China should be 
calculated again.
China Delight Holidays strongly recommended and 
advise that all tour members should have trip
cancellation, medical/hospital and baggage insurance . 
[Reservations and Cancellation Policy]
a, Please ring valid travel documents to your local travel
agency for booking.
b, When you make reservation, please confirm your
passport name. Once ticked issued penalty will be apply. 
Deposit of USD200.00 per person must be paid at the 
time of reservations, and the balance must be paid 21 
days prior departure date.Failure to comply with deposit 
and final payment requirement will result in automatic 
cancellation of your reservations and penalty on 
cancellation will apply.Once tour confirmed ,deposit paid 
will be 100% non-refundable and non-transferable.
Cancellation policy
a,All cancellation or change written notice must be 
received by mail or fax.
b,The following fee will be charged accordingly when
you decided to withdraw your reservations.
No.of days prior to Cancellation fee as % 
Tour departure of total tour price
21 days or above USD200.00
Within 10-21days 30% of tour fare
Within 5-9days 80% of tour fare
Within 4 days 100%of tour fare
c, No refund available on departure date and/or after the 
journey has commenced(including denied and/or rejected 
by Immigration Department or Custom of destination).
d, No refund or reimbursement for any voluntary giving up 
e, Since Air Ticket, Transportation, Accommodation and 
Meal have to be arranged in advance during high season 
(Chinese New Year, Golden Weeks, and other large 
allowed.No refund available on departure date changed 
and/or cancel booking.
activities and conventions),no departure date changed is 
[Visa Application Participant] 
Participant should be responsible to arrange for his/her 
Participant are responsible to obtain the proper travel 
document for the trip and all passports must remain valid for 
at least 6 months prior to the schedule return from the trip.

- See more at: http://airseatours.qmobo.com/specialtours.html?id=6#sthash.7IvuVx79.dpuf

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