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Beijing 5 days

Beijing 5 days

Beijing 5 days 4 nights -$ 198

Yangtze River Bridge(Bus Tour): It is the 
third bridge built to span the Yangtze 
Confucius temple Bazaar: To taste local snacks.

Guaranteed Departure Every Friday Min. 2 pax
Professional Mandarinand English Speaking Guide
Specially presenting Tenggeli Tala Dancing 
Best Quality,Large Company Style
The Best Tourist Product
The best classical tourist itinerary in China
[Beijing]-Ancient Capital of Nine Dynasties
Tian'anmen Square:The biggest of its kind in the 
Forbidden City:Also called Imperial palace, which 
locates in the heart of Beijing, It is the largest and most
complete imperial palace and ancient building complex
in China. 
Summer Palace:The most beautiful imperial garden
in China.
Great Wall Juyongguan Section:Which is the world's
longest human-made structure, stretching over approxi-
-mately 6,400 km (3,977m).It is also the largest humanmade structure ever built in terms of surface area and 
Outside View The Bird's Nestle and Water Cube: 
2008 Olympic Games Stadium. 
Qianmen Street: Enjoy old Beijing folk custom.
[Nanjing]-Ancient Capital of Six Dynasties
Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen:The father of the 
Republic of China, it is considered the Holy land of 
Chinese people both home and abroad.
City Wall: The largest existing ancient city wall in 
Yangtze River Bridge(Bus Tour): It is the third bridge 
built to span the Yangtze River. 
Confucius Temple Bazaar: To taste local snacks. 
Taihu Lake
[Wuxi]-Pearl of Taihu Lake
Li Garden: National AAAA level tourist scenic area, 
important provincial level cultural relic site. 
Xihui Park: at the foot of Xishan Mountain,Here you 
will find the Erquan Spring,famous for its pure water.
Jichang Garden: well-known for the peaceful 
antiquated landscape garden mirroring the mountaints 
charming natural beauty.
Shantangjie Water Town: Taking a boat to enjoy the 
beauty of Jiangnan water town. 
[Suzhou]-Venice in Orient
Hanshan Temple: The poem Mooring by the Maple- 
Bridge at Night written by Zhang Ji(a Chinese poet of 
the Tang Dynasty)has given a world-wide reputation to 
the Hanshan Temple (Cold Mountain Temple)since 
imperial times.
Panmen: It is famous for its numerous historic relics 
and abundant human landscapes and has been listed as
the National AAAA Tourist Area.
Mudu Scenic Area: It is located in south-west 12 kilo- 
-meters from the Suzhou ancient city and featured in 
culture relics in Wu and Yue kingdom and spectacular 
Golden Cock Lake: Enjoy scenery in Suzhou new 
developed area. 
Fashion Show
[Shanghai]-Fashionable Metropolitan
City God Temple Bazaar: Besides Yuyuan Garden, 
can taste local snacks there.
Pudong newly developed zone
Nanjing Road: It is considered to be the 'No.1 
commercial street in China".
Outside view of Oriental Pearl Tower(photo stop): 
It is the modern symbol of Shanghai City. With a height 
of 468 meters(1536 feet),it is the tallest TV tower in Asia 
and the third highest in the world. 
[Tengeli tala Dancing Banquet]
Over 200 kinds of Mongolian foods and Deluxe Mongolian 
songs and dances. Open buffet in the largest Mongolian
restaurant in the world and there are deluxe dancing 
shows performed by about 70 professional actors.Grand 
scale, passionate atmosphere, gorgeous dress and 
vigorous dance, it delivers fully hospitality of Mongolian
Beijing: Roasted Duck,Imperial cuisine, 
Tengelitala dancing Banquet Buffet(lunch)
Nanjing: Huaiyang cookery 
Wuxi: Emperor Qianlong Banquet 
Suzhou: Suzhou Opera Banquet, Dim sum
Hangzhou: Benbang Lily cuisine, 
Dongpo braised Pork, West lake cookery 
Shanghai:Xingzuohui little steamed stuffed bun, 
Benbang cookery, Dai nationality dancing banqu

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